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Ethiopian News

  • Israel Decides Ethiopian Jews Story to be taught in Schools

    In a first, the new literature curriculum in Israeli schools for the upcoming school year will include an award-winning short story written by an Ethiopian-Israeli author, as part of a set of education reforms to the school program recommended by the Biton Committee.

    The committee, which submitted its recommendations to Education Minister Naftali Bennett in July, was tasked with determining ways to balance Israel’s educational curricula to include greater emphasis on the story of Jews from Muslim lands and Jews from Ethiopia. For decades, the curricula have been criticized for an allegedly biased emphasis on European, or Ashkenazi, Jewish history, to the neglect of Jews from other traditions and cultures.

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  • World Water Week to focus on achieving Sustainable Development Goals

    The 2016 World Water Week kicked off on Monday, focusing on water to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Opening the event, Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Angel Gurria said that water, from having been a subject that was rarely discussed with urgency, has come to the front and centre of international deliberations.

    "Water now has the place it needs to have in international priorities," said Gurria.

    Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom reinforced the message that water is a connector and an enabler in realizing the SDGs.

    "Successful realization of Goal 6 of the 2030 Agenda will underpin progress across many of the other goals, particularly on nutrition, child health, education, gender equality, healthy cities and healthy water ecosystems and oceans," she said.

    Torgny Holmgren, executive director of the organizer, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), said: "Without reliable access to water, almost no Sustainable Development Goal will be achieved. To make that happen, we must ensure water's centrality to the entire Agenda 2030. This will show the power water has a connector."

    "Water connects not only sectors, but also nations, communities and different actors. Water can be the unifying power, the enabler for progress in both Agenda 2030 and the Paris climate agreement," said Holmgren.

    World Water Week, an annual global meeting for water and development issues, gathers some 3,000 participants from over 120 countries and regions to discuss global and local water and development challenges.

    Source: Philippines News Agency

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  • Ethiopian Women Dies in Kuwait



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  • WHO urges African nations to increase resources for health sector

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged African states to increase the use of domestic resources for funding their health sectors.

    Director for Health Systems and Services Cluster of WHO Regional Office for Africa, Delanyo Dovlo, said that on average a majority of African countries fund 60 to 70 percent of their health needs from domestic resources.

    "In order to gain sustainability and resilience in their health systems, African states must be able to rely more and more on domestic resources for health in the same way developed countries have managed," Dovlo said during a civil society forum on Africa's health in Nairobi.

    Dovlo said that the use of foreign funds for health needs is "not bad but makes the country vulnerable to external shocks that could affect delivery of health services".

    He urged the continent to be more innovative in ways that they can generate resources for the health sector.

    "Some developed countries have introduced taxes on travel or on alcohol and tobacco in order to fund health programs," he said.

    In 2001, African states came up with the Abuja Declaration that calls for governments to devote at least 15 percent of their budgets to the health sector.

    However, Dovlo said: "So far only six countries have at one time or another achieved the goal while only four have managed the goal on a consistent basis."

    Source: Xinhua

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  • Ethiopia grade 10 Exam Result released

    Ethiopia Grade 10 General School Leaving Certificate Examination  2006 E.C. result is released today

    Students can access their personal result at the following link:

    Ethiopia Grade 10 General School Leaving Certificate Examination 2006 E.C. result is released today
    Ethiopia grade 10 released

    Students can access their personal result at the following link:

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  • Premier extends condolences to Italy over deadly earthquake

    Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn expressed his deep condolences to Italy for the loss of life and devastation caused by the earthquake that hit central Italy on Wednesday.

    In a letter sent to his Italian counterpart, Matteo Renzi, Prime Minister Hailemariam on behalf of the people and Government of Ethiopia expressed his deepest sympathy to the bereaved families and extended his solidarity to the people and Government of Italy.

    Italy's civil protection agency says the death toll from the magnitude 6 earthquake in central Italy has reached 73.

    Source: MoFA

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  • The changing faces of the El-Nino induced drought

    The Ethiopian government, in collaboration with International Development Partners, is deploying indefatigable efforts to mitigate the effects of the unprecedentedly worst drought that Ethiopia has ever faced over the last 50 years. 

    Some of the localities in the state of Tigray were bone dried because of the drought. As in other areas touched by the drought, the Ethiopian government has been fairly providing humanitarian and relief aids reaching out the people in need in these affected areas.

    Now that the area is drastically recovering from drought by dint of the fair rainfall distribution of the current raining season, moisture and soil conservation works are being made to boost production during the upcoming harvesting season, EBC learnt.

    Despite the challenges of rapid population growth and global climate change effects, the economic achievements procured over the last 25 years have proved the Ethiopian government is better-shaped than ever to withstand such natural disasters. Besides, Green Economy Strategy is at the heart of the country's development policy.

    Source:EBC News 

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  • Mexico - an all-weather friend of Ethiopians: Ambassador Taye

    Ethiopia values its historic relations with Mexico, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Ambassador Taye Atske-selassie has said.

    The State Minister made the statement while receiving Ambassador Trevino Victor, the newly appointed Ambassador of Mexico to Ethiopia, on Thursday.

    Ambassador Taye on the occasion applauded the support and solidarity extended by the people and government of Mexico as Ethiopia faced the then Fascist Italian aggression in 1935.

    Being an all-weather friend for Ethiopians in times of difficulty, Mexico remained seized to the principle of collective security, he recalled.

    The help extended by Mexico to Ethiopians in their time of distress laid a solid foundation for the continued growth of Ethio-Mexican ties over the years, Ambassador Taye added.

    This would create a space for further elevation of existing ties into new dimensions of cooperative partnership, he pointed out.

    Ambassador Trevino Victor who noted that Mexico recognizes Ethiopia's role played in the African hemisphere said that his country regards Ethiopia as a strategic partner.

    Source: MoFA

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  • China- trained Ethiopian light rail train drivers graduate

     Some 126 Ethiopian light rail train drivers who received one year long training in China were awarded certificates on Thursday.

    The first batch of graduates received the certificates at a ceremony held at the Addis Ababa Light Railway Transit Service. 

    Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Railways Corporation, Getachew Betru said on the occasion the graduates will add  impetus to  the effort underway to build own railway management system.

    According to the CEO, the corporation has been working with particular attention on transfer of knowledge and technology in addition to expanding railway infrastructure.

    State Minister of Public Enterprises, Getachew Mengiste on his part said the effort to create capability in administrating railway projects locally should be made strategic.

    In line with this, students are receiving training for second degree in railway at the Addis Ababa University, he revealed.

    Source: ENA

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  • Ethiopian dam study contracts to be signed in Sept: Egyptian foreign ministry

    The contracts with two consulting firms to carry out technical studies into the impact of Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam will be signed on 5 and 6 September, Egypt's foreign ministry said on Tuesday.


    In a meeting with reporters, Ahmed Abu Zeid said that the irrigation ministers of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia will attend the contract signing in Sudan.

    The three countries agreed in 2015 that two French firms, Artelia and BRL, would carry out technical studies into the impact of the hydroelectric dam, set to be Africa's largest when completed next year.

    Negotiations have been ongoing since 2011, when Egypt raised concerns that the dam, located in the Ethiopian highlands on the Blue Nile, could impact its share of Nile water.

    Since 2015, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan, which is also downstream from the project, have been negotiating the terms of the two consultancy firms' contracts and the purview of the technical studies they will prepare.

    President El-Sisi has adopted a positive tone on the dam and on Ethiopian relations in general, stressing that Egyptians have nothing to fear from the project.

    Speaking to Egyptian media this week, he said that the negotiations on the technical studies were progressing in a way that is “reassuring to all.”

    “The Nile water will continue to flow to Egypt and to everyone else,” he said. “Egypt has started a new era in developing its relations with African countries, especially Nile Basin countries.”

    In his Tuesday statement, Abu Zeid said that Egyptian-Ethiopian relations are witnessing a new phase based on common interests, avoiding any damage to any party, as well as the development of strategic relations between Egypt and Sudan, Ethiopia.

    A trilateral Declaration of Principles, signed by all three states last year, gives priority to downstream countries for electricity generated by the dam and providing compensation for any damages caused.

     Source: ahram Online 

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