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Ethiopian News

  • President urges African governments to remain vigilant to health hazards

    (EBC; August 19, 2016) - President Mulatu Teshome has urged African health ministers to remain vigilant to emerging health hazards in the continent.

    Opening the 66th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa on Friday, President Mulatu said despite tremendous results in the sector, governments and pertinent stakeholders should remain vigilant to, detect and control emerging health hazards.

    The president also stressed the need for coping with existing chronic health issues in the continent.

    47 African health ministers have got together at the United Nations Conference Center (UNCC) in Addis Ababa to discuss some of the most pressing health agendas with expected bold decisions.

    Addressing the ministers, Director General of WHO Dr. Margaret Chan reminded the ministers to put their people first so as to produce a healthy generation that could drive the continent's economy to a better level.

    The director general gave due credit to the ministers for their effort to significantly reduce the spread of major communicable disease like HIV and Malaria.

    She also appreciated Ethiopia's achievements in the health sector such as attaining the MDG for reducing the child mortality rate well ahead of the schedule.

    The opening session of the conference highlighted that disease preparedness and response is vital to effectively deal with sudden disease outbreaks like Ebola.

    During the 5-day session, the ministers will be deliberating on major health agendas including global health strategies for women, children and adolescents and the implementation of the 2030 health agenda for sustainable development.

    Source:EBC news 

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  • Ethiopia will need urgent global support in race to prepare for main planting season – UN


    Seasonal floods, resulting in crop damage and inundation of pastures, following a severe El Niño-induced drought in Ethiopia may be further exacerbated by its cool weather counterpart, La Niña, expected from October onwards, the United Nations agricultural agency has warned.

    In a news release late last week, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) highlighted that if the floods worsen later this year, there could be outbreaks of crop and livestock diseases, further reducing agricultural productivity and complicating recovery.

    "The situation is critical now," Amadou Allahoury, FAO Representative to Ethiopia, said.

    El Niño is the term used to describe the warming of the central to eastern tropical Pacific that occurs, on average, every three to seven years. It raises sea surface temperatures and impacts weather systems around the globe so that some places receive more rain while others receive none at all, often in a reversal of their usual weather pattern.

    While El Niño, and its counterpart La Niña – which is caused by cooler waters in the Pacific Ocean – occur cyclically, in recent years, mainly due to the effects of global climate change, extreme weather events associated with these phenomena, such as droughts and floods, have increased in frequency and severity, according to UN agencies.

    "We must make sure that farmers will be able to plant between now and September and grow enough food to feed themselves and their families", added Mr. Allahoury.

    According to FAO, the urgency is due to the country's main agricultural season, meher, that produces up to 85 per cent of the nation's food supplies. The season starts as early as mid-June for some crops, with planting ongoing until August for others.

    To ensure the last remaining planting window of the year is met, an estimated $8.8 million is needed to provide root crop planting materials, legumes, vegetable and cereal seed to 530,000 households.

    "Ethiopia needs urgent global support to respond to its humanitarian needs, we have no time to procrastinate," stressed Mr. Allahoury.

    Source: UN News Centre

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  • Ethiopia, Korea seek partnership on global security issues


    Ethiopia and the Republic of Korea held consultations on Wednesday in Addis Ababa on ways of undertaking joint tasks pertaining to global peace and security.

    State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Taye Atske-Selassie, and Deputy Minister of Multilateral and Global Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Choi Jong-moon, shared views on pressing global issues of common concern.

    The bilateral talks focused on partnerships to ensure peace and security in Africa, Asia and the rest of the world.

    Many countries of the world are showing interest to work with Ethiopia on issues of peace and security owing to Ethiopia's election as non-permanent member of the UNSC According to Ambassador Taye noted.

    Ethiopia's role as a leading contributor to peace and security in Africa and beyond as well as its tried and tested experience in the field will be maintained further, he confirmed.

    The two officials also exchanged views on ways of accomplishing the 14 bilateral agreements signed between the two sides during the official visit of Korean President Park Geun-hye.

    Discussions also covered the execution of the half a billion USD loan agreement signed between the two nations to enable Ethiopia carry out a range of development activities.

    Deputy Minister of Multilateral and Global Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Jong-moon also revealed Korea's keen interest to establish strong bilateral relation with Ethiopia, covering various fields of development.

    Source: ENA

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  • Ethio-telecom earns 28 billion Birr revenue

    Ethio-telecom disclosed Wednesday that it has secured 28 billion Birr revenue in the just concluded Ethiopian budget year. The amount exceeds that of the previous year by 30 percent.

    Ethio-telecom Communications Manager, Abdurahim Ahmed said the stated sum was secured from regular and international services, internet and sale of prepaid cards, among others.

    The manager further stated the number of mobile subscribers has reached close to 46 million, and 13.6 million people have got access to the internet.

    According to Abdurahim, the company has lost four billion Birr due to activities of fraud.

    Ethio-telecom plans to earn 40 billion Birr in the current Ethiopian fiscal year, it was indicated.

    Source: ENA

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  • Chinese investors keen to invest in Ethiopia's tourism sector

    China- Ethiopia tourism cooperation dialogue has been held here at the Chinese Embassy on Wednesday.

    China and Ethiopia have been enjoying excellent economic relations particularly over the past two decades. Chinese companies have a massive presence in Ethiopia, especially in the construction sector.

    Now the companies are eying  Ethiopia's tourism industry.

    Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, La Yifan said the tourism sector is the biggest job creator and revenue generator in China, and Ethiopia has a lot to learn from china's experience in the sector.

    Ethiopian Culture & Tourism State Minister, Tadelech Dalecho said Ethiopian government is undertaking massive infrastructure development to fuel tourism revenue in the country.

    Source: EBC Ethiopia News 

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  • 50 expats held at Saudi booze party Arrested during police house raid

    Saudi police arrested 50 Ethiopian men and women for organizing a party involving liquor and obscene acts, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

    A large number of policemen raided a house in the Southern Jazan province and rounded up the guests at the concert, Ajel said.

    It quoted a police spokesman saying that the cops confiscated alcoholic drinks and large sums of money at the house during the night raid.

    "The guests were having alcoholic drinks and practicing obscene acts at the party, they were all arrested and will stand trial,” the spokesman said.


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  • Ethiopia to chair influential ‘climate vulnerable’ group

    Incoming CVF chair says group will be ‘visionary’ in efforts to generate political momentum on greenhouse gas emission cuts


     Ethiopia has assumed the chair of the Climate Vulnerable Forum from the Philippines, taking charge of a 43-country strong group committed to tougher climate targets.

    Launched in 2009, the CVF was credited with ensuring the 2015 Paris agreement adopted a new, lower, aspirational global warming ceiling of 1.5C.

    “Under Ethiopian presidency of the CVF will be vocal, visionary, visible and vigilant in our work to limit the rise of global temperature to 1.5C degrees,” said the country’s environment minister Shiferaw Teklemariam Menbacho.

    “The 2015 Paris Agreement has been hailed by many as a landmark agreement, but its aspirations will not happen on its own. This is where the role of the CVF becomes even more crucial,” said Filipino senator Loren Legarda.

    As chair Ethiopia will be tasked with leading the group’s advocacy in the build-up to the COP22 UN climate summit in Marrakech, Morocco in November.

    Ethiopia has long been at the front line of extreme weather events. Aid agencies say a harsh El Nino weather phenomenon contributed to failed crops and a spike in hunger levels this year.

    According to the BBC hundreds have been killed in the past two weeks after demonstrators clashed with police in different parts of the country.

    Supported by the UNDP, other members of the CVF include Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Kiribati and the Maldives.

    Last year the group announced a new ‘Vulnerable 20’ coalition of finance ministers tasked with generating new financial flows for clean energy and resilience projects.

    This week the CVF also revealed it was coordinating a new partnership aimed at delivering better climate and weather forecasting to vulnerable nations, which will be headquartered in Manila.

    Source: Climate Home  

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  • Check Grade 12 Ethiopian National Exam

    Grade 12 National Exam for Ethiopian students is out and you can check both online and through your mobile.Inorder to check on mobile you can send a text to 8181 RTW “Reg Number” then you will get a text with all your results


    Students now can access see their result by opening the “student Result” tab on and inserting their Id number.

    for Example if your Reg Number is 123456, then send a text to 8181 RTW 123456  good luck  wede 8181 RTW “Reg Number” bilew yilaku ena melsun wediya be text yilaklotal

    lemsale Reg Qutro 123456 kehone wede 8181, RTW 123456 blew text yilaku 

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  • Ethiopia, Canada Agree To boost Cooperation on Peace, Security

    Ethiopia and Canada will see increased cooperation in the areas of peace and security, according to Canadian Minister of Defense, Harjit Singh Sajjan.

    The Minister on Wednesday met and discussed with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in Addis Ababa.

    Prime Minister Hailemariam briefed the visiting Canadian minister on Ethiopia's role in maintaining peace and security in the Horn region in general and in Somalia and South Sudan in particular.

    He underlined the criticality of restoring peace and security for sustainable development, and the necessity of strengthening cooperation in the field.

    He also called for a strengthened diplomatic and economic cooperation between Ethiopian and Canada.

    "It is a great opportunity for Canada and Ethiopia to build this relationship," the Canadian Minister told journalists following his meeting with Hailemariam.

    "We have had a long tradition of working together as militaries from Korea to many different UN missions we have conducted".

    Minister Sajjan appreciated Ethiopia's endeavors and its contribution to date in peacekeeping missions in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

    "It [Ethiopia] is already showing a leadership role," he said, adding Canada values Ethiopia's contribution in trying to bring stability to Somalia and South Sudan.

    He said Canada is interested to enhance cooperation with Ethiopia in areas of peacekeeping and security, with further interest to collaborate in other fields such as trade and investment.

    Ethiopia is showing great work in reducing poverty, Sajjan said, indicating his country's interest to enhance its trade partnership.

    Some 57 Canadian investors with an aggregate capital of USD 57 million have invested in Ethiopia.

    Source: ENA

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  • Ethiopia eyes alternative port service to ease load on Djibouti port

    The ever increasing load of goods at Djibouti Port has forced the country to use alternative ports, according to the Ministry of Transport.

    The ministry said Berbera and Port Sudan will be used as complementary import routes to ease the heavy load on Port Djibouti, the nation's main gateway of import-export goods.     

    The El-Nino induced emergency aid was channeled through the Djibouti Port which triggered heavy burden on the port, taking planned port service for the fiscal year beyond the set target. 

    Transport Minister Workneh Gebeyehu presented the annual performance report of his ministry, indicating the inevitability to use alternative ports owning to the nation's current economic boom.

    Some 18,000 tons of fertilizer has already been channeled via Port Sudan, with Port Berbera set to offer similar services following maintenance of roads and other infrastructures, the minister said.

    Agreement has already been signed to utilize Berbera port through which bulky cargoes will be delivered.

    Some 96 percent of the country`s shipment is still going through Djibouti port despite the imbalance between the service and Ethiopia's rapid economy.

    Minister Workineh's one year performance report also covered efforts to address problems of transportation in the city.

    He said additional 500 city buses and 1,120 taxies are set to begin transport service in the new fiscal year. 

    The transport sector has achieved 88 percent of its target during the budget year, despite problems of rapidity, capacity, and coordination, among others.

    Source: ENA

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